A Viper for your time.

Basically, these straight up professional trolls have created an account on Instagram and are relentlessly terrorizing my wife's account based on her Youtube channel.

The users in question are sotavu and sogyrl. It has reached obsession levels of bullying. They have spewed shit on every single post my wife has made. Horrendous shit like she is a evil slut, cum whore, that I am a worthless pig, that she sleeps around, and straight up making threats to beat my wife down and murder her. They have completely taken over he Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube Channel. My wife and I have been deleting things but it's like there is a small army of them just drowning her pages.

As I don't use any social media besides here, I don't know what to do. It sucks so much hearing my wife crying and not knowing how to combat this shit. She has filed something at her local police station in Mexico DF but I doubt they can do much.



the user sotavu has made variations of her name (sotavuu, sotavvu, etc) and continues to blast.


The police in Mexico DF have enough actual death threat content to escalate an investigation. We should hear something today (April 17)